Badge Program

For Students
of all Ages!

What is the Horsemanship Badge Program?

The Horsemanship Badge Program is an achievement program for members (all ages!) to earn badges with the successful completion of various mounted and unmounted subjects.

This is in conjunction with the United States Pony Club Badge program and allows you to work for the badges throughout the year as well as officially test to the D1 certification after completing all the badges.

You do not have to be a member of USPC to join in the fun! This is a great tool and will let you get a taste of pony club and learn a ton!

If you enjoy it and the pony club experience you are welcome to join our official pony club, ROYAL OAKS PC and continue on working through the levels, going to rallies (pony club horse shows), passing certifications, etc!

How the Badge Program Works.

  • Badge Lessons are held monthly
  • Subjects taught are at a beginner, D1/D2 level.
  • Badges can be earned in Riding, and Horse Management

Riding badge knowledge will be taught and tested through regular riding lesson sessions, Horse management badge knowledge will be taught and tested in an unmounted lesson session, separate from your riding lessons

Cost of the Badge Program.

Horse management knowledge and badge testing

  • Testing takes place in unmounted lessons.
  • Sessions are held monthly.
  • Cost is $40 per session

Riding knowledge and badge testing

  • Testing takes place during regular lessons.
  • $50 (private)
  • $40 (Semi-private)