Horse Shows and Events

Walk Before You “Jump”.

Learning to relate to, understand, and communicate with the horse is where the magic begins to happen so don’t fall into the trap of jumping into a specialization before building a foundation.

Lots of people are drawn to horses as well as the possibility of competing in horse competitions. So often(but not always!) the primary reason for someone owning / leasing a horse is the goal to participate in Equestrian based sports and specializations.

One challenge I have seen over and over again… is students focusing on these classes above before getting a firm and strong foundation of horsemanship.

Types of shows and sports…

  • Halter and Showmanship (leading your horse),
  • Western and English Pleasure,
  • Equitation,
  • Trail,
  • Pattern riding,
  • Dressage,
  • Stadium Jumping,
  • Cross Country jumping,
  • Ranch horse classes,
  • Games and Gymkhana, etc…

These are examples of ‘sports’ or ‘Specializations’ you can do with your horse, and all are offered through my program when horse and rider are ready…

Many issues arise when students start with horse show goals before Teamwork Goals. Horses need a leader that puts the horse first!! A strong, confident leader, can help eliminate many of the issues horses face. Please inquire about our show team… and how to get involved with it…!