How to Speak Horse

If you take the time to “learn to speak horse” then you can teach your horse to do just about anything.  Horses run faster and jump higher out of heart and desire!

What makes a horse tick?

What makes them upset, afraid, resentful, angry, aggressive, spooky, bored, resistant, anxious, happy, relaxed, bold, submissive, willing, confident, team like? 

Horses have a very clear & simple communication system in which they primarily use body language to communicate with each other.
Most of us humans never take the time to understand that language because we are so busy trying to perfect our technique and make the horse do what we want.

Humans have a tendency to want to be in control and make things happen and it’s that human trait that causes us to miss out on the opportunity to listen to our horses. We tend to shout out a lot of orders … but don’t stop to listen to what the horse feels about things!

Remember, in order to communicate with a human or an animal you have to listen to them as well as talk to them.