Why should I consider leasing a horse for myself or my child?

It’s a great next step in your horsemanship journey, whether that means going further with your riding or even adding the fun of shows and events! It is also a great step before ownership.. without the full cost!

You get to advance on your specific lease horse more quickly, than just weekly lessons on different horses. Your lease horse is always available to you first.. for any and all events. You have the use of horse at least 3 times per week on top of weekly lesson time.

Riding demands a lot of muscle and physical fitness! You can scrap the Gym for going riding! You will get stronger physically as a rider with more ride time.

Shows and events are offered anywhere from 5 to 15 times a year for lease teams, from county 4H fairs, Pony Club events, to one day open shows, to all weekend events! You pick what works for your lifestyle and budget! Get involved with the United States Pony club through our program!

It’s a fabulous educational organization for all ages! You get to form a very special bond with your lease horse, that just doesn’t happen without spending more time at the barn! You also get to join a very special Equestrian family that spends a lot of time together at shows and events!

Great friendships are made here! Would love to have you join us!